Design Hiring in Sweden 🇸🇪

Rättvik, Dalarna

The missing data

The survey results

People that recruit also take vacations, and work-life balance is almost sacred in Sweden.

More traditional design roles are less present in the survey responses, but I’m not sure this data reflects Swedish reality as most respondents work on the tech industry. The fact that the survey was in English might not have helped, since traditional design positions and those recruiting them, tend to not be so reliant of foreign talent and work mostly in Swedish.


It could even be that this distribution reflects the reality of design hiring, but it’s as likely that this sample only reflects the people I could entice into responding to the survey (though I have invited many more recruiters than designers).

Hopefully, if this survey is repeated, it will be possible to try and correct the sample or confirm this distribution.

Sadly, I only managed to convince one of them (actually a lovely human being) to take the survey, which translated into 1.6% of respondents working in the United Kingdom.

When falling back on empirical observation, I find very few examples of women in design leadership positions, so these numbers could actually be representative of reality. If a 2021 survey of Design Hiring in Sweden happens, we’ll have to see if these numbers remain the same.

Closing remarks

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