The Designer’s Guide to the Galaxy… (of Code) E02

Among the thousands of stars in the milky way of design articles, one story will froth up above all others — “Should designers learn how to code?”

This is, still… not that story.

Illustration by Leandro D’Andrea. Follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

Web-design tools

It’s Macromedia (cough)… Adobe Dreamweaver time!

Interactive Developer Environments

What people think you look like when using an IDE
Pimp my VS Code Tiago Edition™

Code sandboxes

An example of one of my “codepens”… you can check more here.

Before we go, keep in mind that these are my own subjective opinions. Maybe you will actually love Dreamweaver (just try it), or you want to go full commando and use VIM on your command line interface. Whatever works, just go out and code!

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