The Designer’s Guide to the Galaxy… (of Code) E04

Among the thousands of stars in the milky way of UX articles, one story will froth up above all others — “Should designers learn how to code?”

In case you were wondering… this is still, not that story.

Remix of an illustration by Leandro D’Andrea. Follow him on Facebook or Instagram and buy the original print at Society 6.

A cascade of growing pains

It’s funny because it is (kind of) true…

One skeleton with a thousand skins

Said no one that knows CSS ever…

Show me the CSS already

Choosing selectors

Aside with sidebar class I choose you!

And with that my sideral companion, we wrap this chapter of our guide… I wish you a well deserved post-orbital rest and bid you adeus 🇵🇹, goodbye 🇬🇧, adieu 🇫🇷, hejdo 🇸🇪 and sayonara 🇯🇵!

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